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The following roadmap acts as a guide for setting up your research project. You can navigate directly to the step that is most relevant to you. If you’re unsure where to start, please feel free to contact us for guidance.

Study Roadmap

Study Roadmap


You have an idea but you are unsure where to start.

Getting Started

Take the initial leap into your research journey and find the resources you need to start a project.


You need to manage your patient and their data for your project.


You have collected your data but need help analysing it.


Bring your research to a conclusive end and summarise your findings.

Disseminate Your Findings

Share your research outcomes with the world.



Getting Started




Disseminate Your findings

You have an idea but are unsure where to start

Your Study

If you have an idea for a research study involving human participants but are unsure of where to start, then this is the first step. We can provide advice and resources on available grants, protocol templates, and the steps for submitting an ethics application.

Whether you’ve already applied for funding or haven’t yet written your protocol, our team can assist with any aspect of study planning. We have resources available that can help guide you through the process. Please contact us if you’re unsure where to start.

Key considerations when you plan a research project


Secure the necessary funding to support your research. We provide guidance on the various domestic and international funds available for researchers.

Protocol development

Develop a comprehensive research protocol outlining your study’s objectives, methodology and data collection procedures. Our services will help ensure clarity and rigor in your research design.


Guides on navigating the ethics regulatory environment in New Zealand. We can assist with obtaining appropriate ethical approvals, ensuring the protection of participants’ rights, privacy and confidentiality.

If you’re unsure where to start, simply click on the “Contact” button below and our friendly team will be happy to assist you. We’re here to help you find the information you need and guide you through your research journey. Reach out to us for any inquiries or guidance, and we’ll ensure you’re on the right track.

Research Scenarios

The following is a list of scenarios you might find yourself in. If any of these seem familiar, we can provide guidance, support and resources to navigate your unique research challenges.

Navigating the Ethics Approval Process

You have completed writing a comprehensive research protocol and are now ready to apply for ethics approval. You need guidance on navigating the ethics application process, understanding the required documentation, and ensuring compliance with ethical guidelines.

Building a Data Capture System

You have successfully secured funding for your project but now face the challenge of developing an efficient and reliable data capture system. You require assistance in selecting the appropriate tools, designing the database structure and implementing data collection processes to ensure accurate and secure data management.

Optimising Participant Recruitment

You are facing challenges related to participant recruitment for your research study. You’re aiming to explore innovative recruitment strategies, establish collaborations with relevant clinical networks or patient advocacy groups, and employ targeted outreach methods to optimise participant recruitment.

Securing Clinical Research Facilities

You require dedicated clinic space and resources to conduct your clinical research project effectively. You’re aiming to navigate the process of reserving clinic space, coordinate with the CRU team to ensure proper setup and utilisation of equipment, and align your research timeline with the availability of facilities.

Effective Dissemination of Findings

You have completed a study and collected all your data, but you need support to disseminate your findings effectively. You are seeking guidance on selecting appropriate channels for publication, preparing research manuscripts, and engaging with relevant scientific communities to maximise the impact of your research outcomes.

Take the initial leap into your research journey and find the resources you need to start a project

Getting Started with

Your Study

This is where your research project takes shape. We can provide resources for assembling your research team, securing ethical approvals and building a research database for electronic data capture.

In this step, you will develop a detailed protocol and establish a timeline to ensure a smooth and efficient start to your study. This step sets the stage for the execution of your research plan, and we’re here to help.

Research Scenarios

The following are a list of scenarios you might find yourself in when getting started with your research study.

Design Your Study

You are embarking on a new research study but need guidance on study design, including defining research objectives, powering a study and developing an electronic data capture system. We can provide support to ensure your study is well-designed, methodologically sound, and aligned with your research goals.

Equip Your Study

You have finalised your study design and now require the necessary equipment and tools to conduct your research effectively. You may need assistance in procuring and setting up equipment, obtaining specialised software or technology, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements for data collection and storage.

Our Services

The Human Health Research Services Platform offers comprehensive services for researchers to equip their studies. This includes using our Clinical Research Unit to access clinic space and equipment, guidance on acquiring access to EDGE, a clinical research management tool, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements for data collection and storage through our REDCap database system. The platform’s dedicated team provides expertise and resources to help you access the tools and resources you need to conduct your study effectively and efficiently.


The Human Health Research Services Platform provides a curated list of valuable resources to assist researchers throughout their research journey. These resources encompass a wide range of external tools, guides, templates, and reference materials that researchers can access to gain insights, best practices, and support in various aspects of their research process. From funding opportunities and protocol development guidelines to ethical considerations and data analysis tools, these resources serve as a valuable reference for researchers, empowering them with the necessary information and assistance to enhance the quality and success of their research projects.

Staff your study

By now, you will have a well-designed study and the required equipment, but you will also need to assemble a competent and dedicated research team to carry out the project successfully. We can provide guidance on the types of roles you may need on your team and can help contract some positions, such as research nurses, coordinators, and follow-up assessors. Please reach out to discuss your needs and determine where we can help.

Monitor Your Study

You have now initiated your study but recognise the importance of ongoing monitoring to ensure data quality, participant safety, and adherence to research protocols. If you are looking for guidance on implementing effective monitoring strategies, conducting regular data audits, addressing any issues or deviations, and maintaining compliance with ethical and regulatory requirements throughout the study duration, we can help.

You need to manage your patient and their data for your project


Your Study

Managing your research project involves overseeing data collection, participant recruitment, and study logistics. Monitor the progress of your study, maintain accurate records, and address any challenges that arise. Effective project management ensures that your research stays on track and that data is collected in a reliable and systematic manner. We have tools and resources to help ensure your project stays on track.

In this step, we can help with the design, implementation, and staff training for your electronic data capture system. We can develop and maintain randomisation services and provide guidance and resources to ensure your study is periodically monitored and adjusted as your needs change. We can also help you to manage your ongoing ethics approvals and patient recruitment metrics through our purpose-built software, EDGE.

Research Management Tools & Resources

In this section we have guides and tools that will help you manage the life of your research project.

Electronic Data Capture

The Human Health Research Services Platform provides methodological and biostatistical support for clinical trials. Our team of database developers, managers, statisticians, and data monitors can assist with trial design, budgeting, and data system setup.


      • The HHRS Platform specialises in EDC systems like REDCap, a secure web application where our developers can design, build, and help manage databases tailored to your specific trial needs.
      • We offer guidance in trial design, ensuring studies are methodologically sound and aligned with your research objectives.
      • Our team of developers excel in setting up data systems that are compliant with ethics standards and regulations, ensuring the integrity of your research data.
      • REDCap is a versatile tool for data system setup and our database developers are skilled at designing customisable forms, surveys, and randomisation services.
REDCap Resources


EDGE is a powerful cloud-base clinical research management system that aids researchers in patient recruitment and management, project coordination, and collaboration. EDGE allows researchers to manage their studies, ensuring their data is secure and improving communication among team members and sites.


      • EDGE serves as a centralised hub for managing clinical research studies, offering researchers a web-based platform to oversee all aspects of their project.
      • EDGE provides tools designed to optimise patient recruitment efforts and fosters collaboration between researchers and sites.
      • Researchers, coordinators, and other project staff can collaborate and share the information they want, while maintaining enhanced control over data security.
      • EDGE offers comprehensive reporting and analytical capabilities, allowing researchers to generate custom reports and track study progress.
EDGE Resources
You have collected your data but need help analysing it

Your Study

The Human Health Research Services Platform offers comprehensive analysis services to support researchers in deriving meaningful insights from their study data. Our experienced statistical team can provide expertise in various statistical methods, data modelling, and analysis techniques.

We collaborate closely with researchers to develop tailored analysis plans, perform robust statistical analyses, and assist in the interpretation and reporting of study findings. Whether it’s exploratory data analysis, hypothesis testing, or complex statistical modelling, our analysis services ensure rigorous and accurate analysis and can assist you with achieving your goals.

Analysis Scenarios

The following are some scenarios that you might encounter when doing study analysis.

Large Datasets

You have collected a substantial dataset for your study but lack the expertise in statistical analysis to derive meaningful insights. This is a good time to seek assistance from the Human Health Research Services Platform to perform the appropriate statistical tests and data visualisation to provide comprehensive analysis reports. Here’s a closer look at how we can assist you:


      • Expert Statistical Analysis – Our platform boasts a team of data experts, including statisticians who are well-versed in a spectrum of statistical methods and techniques. We can guide you to select the most appropriate statistical tests tailored to your research goals.
      • Data Visualisation – Our team can assist with customised data visualisation to help you grasp trends and anomalies with your dataset.
      • Data Quality Assurance – We understand the importance of data quality. Our team can assess the integrity and cleanliness of your dataset, address any issues or outliers that may affect the analysis, and apply data cleaning and imputation techniques to ensure accurate and reliable results. 

Support for Decision-Making

Your research team is conducting a clinical trial and needs help to analyse the efficacy and safety data to determine the treatment’s effectiveness. At this stage, you can get in touch with our team and collaborate with our statistician to design statistical models, conduct a comparative analysis, and interpret the results to support evidence-based decision-making. We can assist with:


      • Our statistician will work closely with your team to understand the unique parameters of your clinical trial and can design statistical models tailored to your specific research objectives.
      • We go beyond the numbers to provide a robust interpretation of the results. We are here to help you understand the clinical implications of your statistical findings.
      • Our reporting is characterised by comprehensiveness and transparency. We will provide you with detailed analysis reports, including methodology, results, limitations, and recommendations.

Identifying Associations

You want to assess the association between certain risk factors and a specific health outcome in your population study. Our team is well-equipped to guide you through this critical phase, helping you to uncover associations and refine your interventions. Here’s how we can assist you:


      • Regression Modelling – our experts employ various regression techniques, including multiple linear regression, logistic regression, Cox proportional-hazards regression, and negative binomial regression. We will assist you with identifying the most appropriate regression model based on your research objectives.
      • Assessing Significant – through hypothesis testing, we will determine the significance of the associations between risk actors and the health outcomes, looking at p-values, confidence intervals, and effectives sizes to gauge the strength and direction of these associations.
Bring your research to a conclusive end and summarise your findings

Your Study

We offer comprehensive services to help researchers bring their studies to a conclusive end and effectively summarise their findings. Our team supports researchers in the final stages of their projects, assisting with data interpretation, results synthesis, and conclusion formulation.

The Human Health Research Services Platform can provide guidance and resources in preparing comprehensive research reports, executive summaries, and scientific publications, ensuring that the key insights and outcomes are effectively communicated.

Concluding Scenarios

Below is a list of scenarios you might find yourselves in at the end of your study.

Summarising Findings

You are nearing the end of your project and need guidance to summarise your findings into a concise and impactful format. You can now turn to our platform for assistance in organising and presenting your results, creating visualisations or infographics, and developing a comprehensive research report or executive summary. Summarising findings might look like:


      • Distilling complex information into clear and concise language that convey the essence of your research
      • Getting advice on the best practices for data visualisation to ensure your message is conveyed accurately and comprehensively
      • Finding resources to assist with reporting writing and effective communication of research outcomes

Data Archiving

You have completed your study and want to ensure the long-term preservation and accessibility of your research data. You can now seek assistance from the platform to properly archive your data, including organising and documenting it in a standardised format, adhering to data retention policies, and depositing it in a secure data repository. You can rely on the platform’s expertise to ensure the data remains accessible for future reference, replication, and potential collaborations. We have resources for:


      • Data organisation and documentation
      • Compliance with data retention policies
      • Data format standardisation
      • Data accessibility and retrieval support
      • Compliance with data sharing policies

Validating Results

You have completed your data analysis and want to ensure the accuracy and validity of your findings before preparing for dissemination. You can now seek assistance from the platform to conduct a comprehensive quality assurance review, including verifying data integrity, validating statistical analyses, and reviewing the interpretation of results. Through this process, you ensure the robustness of your conclusions and improve the overall rigor of your research output, setting a strong foundation for effective dissemination and impactful knowledge sharing. Our commitment to research rigor ensures that your findings are not only accurate but are effectively communicated to the broader scientific community.

Share your research findings with the world
Disseminate the findings of

Your Study

We understand the significance of disseminating research findings to ensure they reach the intended audience and contribute to scientific progress. Our platform offers a range of resources to support researchers in effectively sharing their work and maximising its visibility and impact.

Through these services and initiatives, the Human Health Research Services Platform aims to empower researchers to effectively disseminate their findings, accelerate scientific progress, and make a lasting impact in their respective fields. We believe that by sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration, we can collectively advance the frontiers of research.

Scenarios for Dissemination

Below is a list of common scenarios you may encounter when disseminating study findings.

Preparing a Manuscript

You have completed a groundbreaking study and need assistance in preparing a compelling research paper for publication in a reputable scientific journal. The platform can provide guidance on manuscript preparation, including structuring the paper, refining the language, and adhering to journal guidelines, ensuring a higher chance of acceptance and wider dissemination.

Open Access

As advocates for open science, our platform supports researchers in promoting open access to their research findings. We provide resources and guidance on choosing reputable open access journals, complying with open access mandates, and maximising the discoverability of research outputs through repositories and platforms dedicated to open science. By embracing open access, researchers can ensure their work is accessible to a wider audience, facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration.


You are aiming to engage policymakers and stakeholders in the translation of their research findings into evidence-based practices. The platform provides access to resources to help researchers develop policy briefs, summaries tailored to the target audience, highlighting the key findings, implications, and actionable recommendations, facilitating knowledge transfer and driving real-world impact.

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