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Professor Paul Hofman

Clinical Research Unit (CRU) Director

As well as being director of the CRU, Liggins Institute Professor Paul Hofman is a paediatric endocrinologist with a focus on clinical research – including child and adolescent diabetes, newborn screening, obesity, iodine and fertility, and developmental origins of adult disease.

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Professor Jane Harding

HHRS Platform Clinical Lead

Distinguished Professor Dame Jane Harding is the Clinical Lead for the HHRS Platform. The recipient of many prizes, including the Prime Minister’s Science Prize in 2022, Professor Harding’s research interests concern the interaction of nutrients and growth factors in the regulation of growth before and after birth, perinatal glucose regulation and the long-term consequences of treatments given around the time of birth.

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Katie Borroz

Clinical Research Services Manager

Katie Borroz is responsible for driving the strategic operational implementation of the HHRSP Platform at the University of Auckland. Katie holds a master’s degree in public health and has over a decade of experience in clinical research coordination and management.

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Jen Rogers

Follow-up and Maori Engagement Lead

Jen Rogers leads the HHRS follow-up team and is responsible for logistics, monitoring assessment requirements, and ensuring data reliability. She has a Master of Health Sciences and extensive experience in coordinating clinical research follow-up. Jen achieves exceptionally high follow-up rates in multi-regional studies and leads an experienced team trained to deliver comprehensive, high-quality assessments.

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Dr Penny Neave

Data Services Client Manager

Dr Penny Neave’s background is in clinical research. She was awarded a PhD from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 2013. In 2018, Penny joined the University of Auckland, first working as Research Programme Manager at the School of Medicine and then as the Research Project Manager at the Immunisation Advisory Centre. She now leads our team of database developers and programmers, a data monitor and a statistician.

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Dr Elisa Tam

Team Lead Clinical Research Coordinator

Dr Elisa Tam has a strong academic background in clinical research and brings a wealth of experience and expertise in managing and optimising all aspects of clinical research operations. As a dedicated and skilled Team Leader, Elisa excels in leading and mentoring a team of Clinical Research Coordinators to ensure the successful execution of complex clinical trials.

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